Mielikuvitustyttö is finally here


So many news waiting to be updated!

My long-term project, a graphic novel called Mielikuvitustyttö / Imaginary Girl came out in March 2019. The book is both in Finnish and in English and you can buy it the easiest from the publisher Suuri Kurpitsa's web shop. Imaginary Girl is represented by Elina Ahlback Literary Agency.

Besides Mielikuvitustyttö, I illustrated three childrens' books by talented authors: fourth part of Eppu Nuotio's Tämä vai tuo? -series, Metsäretki (Bazar), Helmi Kekkonen's Nurinkurin Anna (S&S) and Katri Tapola's Pumpulibussi ajaa ohi (Karisto).


Mielikuvitustyttö / Imaginary Girl (2019, Suuri Kurpitsa)


Nurinkurin Anna (Anna Topsy Turvy, 2019, S&S), Helmi Kekkonen & Aino Louhi


Fiinu is back! Tämä vai tuo? Metsäretki (Bazar 2019) Eppu Nuotio & Aino Louhi


Originals show
I spent the whole of yesterday cutting tiny strawberry seeds out of yellow sticker paper, boy was that fun! Next week I'll be building up an illustration exhibition in the Talli building of Haiharan Taidekeskus, putting up originals and making some installations from the pages of Tämä vai tuo -books.

At the same time with my exhibition there will be the Finnish Illustration Classics -show in the main building, including such names as Tove Jansson, Rudolf Koivu, Maija Karma and Camilla Mickwitz. My mother Kristiina Louhi's work is also part of the classics show and to celebrate this fun fact we agreed to be interviewed together by Päivi Heikkilä-Halttunen in Haihara on Wednesday the 19th of July at 5pm.

Tämä vai tuo? Aino Louhen kuvituksia

Opening on the 7th of July 16-18, welcome!

Haiharan Taidekeskuksen Talli
Haiharantie 30, Tampere
Bussi nro 10:n päätepysäkki

Haiharan Taidekeskus is open Tue-Sun 12-18


Exhibition News!
Long time since last update, huh. The past year has been boiling under; so much work to do, so little time to update anything besides my instagram profile. This website of mine desperately needs fixing, too, let's see when I have time to do something to that.

But, things are getting done! My next painting exhibition opens Wednesday the 31st of May in Espoo. Gallery Aarni is situated in the Heikintori mall in Tapiola, only one bus stop away from EMMA, the Espoo Museum of Modern Art. I'm quite happy about my new paintings and excited to hear what people think!

Aino Louhi: Etkö ymmärrä

Galleria Aarni
Kauppamiehentie 1, Heikintori
Tapiola, Espoo

Gallery is open Tue-Fri 11-18, Sat 12-18

Book News!
The third part of the childrens' book series Tämä vai tuo, made together with author Eppu Nuotio, saw the daylight in April and should be now out in stores, at least there was two copies in Tampere's Akateeminen kirjakauppa. If you want to be 100% sure to get yours, order it from here. Or here.

In the book Toripäivä Fiinu and her mother are heading to the flea market to sell old clothes and toys, so it is the perfect little summer book to take with you to a picnic or a train trip!

There is also an exhibition of the original illustrations of the books coming up in Tampere in July, stay tuned for more information!


Summer day vibes in the new Toripäivä-book!


Fresh paintings soon in Mänttä Art Festival!


Going Commando this summer
My new paintings are almost ready for summer and Mänttä Art Festival.

The Curator of 2016, great artist Anssi Kasitonni himself, has handpicked such a gang of artists, including Anna Tuori, Hanna-Leena Heiska, Saara Piispa, Ville Pirinen, Kalevi Helvetti, Tommi Musturi, Kaija Papu, Liisa Ahlfors etc. I am more than proud to be part of it.

The show is called Kommandona, Going Commando, so leave your undies home and come see this fab exhibition to Mänttä, the unofficial Art Capital of Finland.

Going Commando is open 12.6.2016-31.8.2016 daily from 10am to 6pm.


This year's curator Anssi Kasitonni surrounded by artists Annika Dahlsten, Liisa Ahlfors, Simo Riikonen, me, Tommi Musturi, Emma Rönnholm and Laura Könönen. Photo by Elissa Määttänen/Mäntän kuvataideviikot.


Matkakuumetta (Bazar, 2016) is a children's book about travel dreams. Here we are in Iceland.


A Newborn
Only a year after the publication of the children's book "Tämä vai tuo? Viljan syntymäpäivät" I am happy to announce that we have a new book-baby in our hands! Matkakuumetta (Bazar, 2016) is a second episode of Tämä vai tuo -series and way better, if you ask me.

These illustrations were made by hand in a medieval Italian village last fall, where I spent two months in an artist residency. I really almost moved into the pictures to have a dialogue with the text. It was such a dreamy job, really enjoyable! Thank you Eppu Nuotio for the beautiful words.

You can buy both Tämä vai tuo -books from here. In Finland you can also get them from well-equipped bookstores and libraries starting from 19th of January.


Viipurinlahti (2015), acrylic and spray paint on mdf, 80cm x 75cm


Summer in a mansion
Summer exhibition of Pyhäniemen kartano, a mansion in the Southern Finland, Hollola, represents amazing Outi Heiskanen as this year's classic artist. The rest of the show has been curated to communicate with her work and I am so happy and proud to be part of the gang of artists such as Pekka Jylhä, Cris af Enehielm, Vappu Rossi, Sami Havia, Anne Tompuri etc.

The exhibition opens after Midsummer and will be open until early August.

Pyhäniemen kartano
Rantatie 708, Hollola

Open from Tuesday to Sunday 11-17


Joka vuosi (2015), acrylic and spray paint on mdf, 29cm x 67cm


Lumen alla on niitty
Näköni huononee vuosi vuodelta. Kun otan silmälasit pois päästä, vasen silmäni näyttää sivulle kaatuvan maiseman ja näkökenttäni sumenee. En oikein pysty enää tarkentamaan lähellekään, vaan katson yhdellä silmällä ja annan toisen harittaa sokeana.

Silti tunnen näkeväni enemmän kuin ennen. Kävelen metsän halki työhuoneelle ja nähtävää on niin paljon, että melkein hätäännyn. Kuinka voisin muistaa kaiken? Tämän hetken, nuo oksat ja tuon valon? Huomenna kaikki on jo toisin. Räpsin valokuvia puhelimeni uumeniin, jotta saisin tallennettua edes jotain juuri tästä hetkestä.

Luonnon kiertokulku on suuri ihmetyksen ja inspiraation lähteeni. Se muistuttaa jatkuvasti elämän suurista teemoista: muutoksesta, asioiden merkityksellisyydestä, kauneudesta. On lohdullista tietää, että lumen alla on niitty.

Aino Louhi:
Lumen alla on niitty

Galleria Järnätti, Järvenpää-talo

Avajaiset sunnuntaina 8.3. klo 17-19/
Opening on Sunday the 8th on 5-7pm

Näyttely on osa Värinää-viikkoja


Eppu Nuotio and Aino Louhi: "Tämä vai tuo: Viljan syntymäpäivät" (Bazar, 2015)


It's out!
My very first children's books illustration is now out! How amazing. You can buy Tämä vai tuo: Viljan syntymäpäivät here for example.


Eppu Nuotio and Aino Louhi: "Tämä vai tuo: Viljan syntymäpäivät" (Bazar, 2015)


Book News!
Our awesome e-book Tämä vai tuo: Viljan syntymäpäivät (Eppu Nuotio and Aino Louhi, 2014) will be published also as a papery version by Bazar! So happy! The book is out in January 2015 and I'm just making the last extra pictures for it.

Open Studio Day
Next Saturday, the 29th of November, we will have a open studio day at Nakki ja Kukka. You're all warmly welcome to visit here in Trikoo from 11am 'til 5pm, just to have a cup of coffee and chat with us, to see our paintings on the wall, maybe to get couple of post cards by Hanna-Riikka or read my latest comic book.

To facebook event

Nakki ja Kukka, Pyynikin Trikoo
Door Y14 at the courtyard
Pyynikintie 25, Tampere


Nakki ja kukka, a new studio in Pyynikin Trikoo, an old jersey factory in Tampere, Finland


I have a new e-mail address, finally: aino(at)ainolouhi.com. I do receive the mail from my old address as well but please use this one from now on! I try to update it soon for my CONTACT -page.

I also have a new studio, Nakki ja kukka, together with artist Hanna-Riikka Heikkilä. We have a tiny showroom of our paintings and other things there so if you ever want to come and see, you can contact me from the e-mail above. The studio is situated in Pyynikki, and it's a very good reason to pay a visit to this l o v e l y town of Tampere.

Find us from Instagram under a hashtag #nakkijakukka !


Nakki ja kukka, a studio of two painters who also illustrate, design, make comics and installations and awesome cakes!


The Anniversary of the Day I Was Found (2014)


Exhibitions SOON!
My solo show Aavistussaaristo in Gallery Huuto (Uudenmaankatu 35, Helsinki) opens on the 17th of June at 18-20 pm. The exhibition goes on 'til 6th of July and presents my very latest work. Go to the exhibition page in fb to read my thoughts about painting.

Voipaala Art Center's summer exhibition presents the artists graduated from my old school TAMK Art and Media and my painting Myrkyllinen ilmapiiri from last summer can be seen there for the whole summer, starting from June the 7th, until 31st of August.


Eppu Nuotio and Aino Louhi: Tämä vai Tuo? Viljan syntymäpäivät (2014)


Suddenly and finally
our book just came out. I made an illustration to Eppu Nuotio's script for Tämä vai Tuo? Viljan syntymäpäivät already last summer/fall, but only now it is on sale at the online shop Elisa Kirja as an audio e-book. This book was made in four months with a budget of one month and it has no marketing budget nor plan whatsoever. If you want to support this project and its makers (or just read good, from the heart -picture book for your children), please go to the shop! The book is so far only in Finnish.


I made the pictures by hand; drawing with pencil, cutting different patterned papers and coloring with gouache.


Flower shop -picture is one of my own favorites!


My poster in Frezza competition


Help me
..to win the Frezza -poster competition! All you need to do is go to Frezza's page and facebook-like my poster. If you fancy the other posters, made by such "little" names as e.g. Anssi Kasitonni and Kasper Strömman, you can "like" them all! Easy peasy. And you can make your own poster and compete, too.


Making of Frezza poster


On the radio
...today! I spent a great day with journalist Emilia Cronvall here in Tampere few weeks back and the result can be heard in the program Tekijä on Yle Radio1 today at 17:45. Rerun is on Saturday morning at 08:05 and of course it will be also available in Yle Areena. I'll add the link later. Enjoy!

EDIT: Here's a link to Tekijä


Window of Luottovaate, "a fashion library"


Luottovaate is a Tamperean organisation which lends its members high quality, fashionable clothes and accessories mostly from small Finnish brands. They asked me to make a piece for their window and of course I couldn't resist the idea! I decorated the window with Molotow paint markers and stickers cut from coloured sticker papers. If you are interested in getting a membership card for Luottovaate, check out their Facebook page and come to see the selection on every other Thursday in Itsenäisyydenkatu 23 (in the corner of Salhojankatu, let my window painting lead you to the right door!)


Aino Louhi <3 Design Boulevard, for sure


..and that
I also have a little exhibition in my favorite design boutique, Design Boulevard (Hatanpään valtatie 6, Tampere), on 14.2.-12.4.2014. This is a place run by my friend Karita and we've planned some kind of collaboration for a long time. So finally, it is an honor to have my work presented in Design Boulevard.


Lumikon metsä (2013) can be seen in Ravintola 931, Tampere, during December


Back in Tampere, back in business
This week-end I had an opening at one of my favorite places in Tampere: Ravintola 931. This culture-friendly bar is in the middle of the city, surrounded by the waters of Tammerkoski. Besides a great view, good music (usually played by the good ol' Technics) and a cup of locally roasted coffee, you can now enjoy my paintings on the wall for the rest of what is left of 2013. Almost all of the works are done during November, and so the show is called November Child. Go to ART to see some updates!

  My exhibition "Pile of Shimmer and Shine" in Galerie Laterne in Chenmnitz, Germany  

Chemnitz in mind
I had an amazing October in Germany and before I'll get to update these works to ART-page (when they actually get back to me), here's a sneak peek of my exhibition Pile of Shimmer and Shine in Galerie Laterne and a piece called "The Wall Smells Clean". As you can see, the illustrational style was still very much coming out of my hand after the book project and the end result was a surprise to myself and a very exciting turn since I haven't painted portraits for so long.


The Wall Smells Clean (2013)


Children's book in the making!


Auf Wiedersehen!
Just two weeks ago I finished quite a long illustration project: an electronic children's book written by Eppu Nuotio. The book will be published by Elisa Kirja, hopefully already in October. This project has been such an eye opener for me, of what I want to do and what I am good at –I really hope all the devotion shows in the pages of Tämä vai tuo. I'll be informing about the release as soon as I know more about it!


There was nothing electronic about illustrating this book

October I'll be spending in Germany. Tampere's twin town Chemnitz kindly invited me to an artist residence there. Lots of work and some more work coming up as I'm having an exhibition there in four weeks!


Lempeällä otteella (2013) on the wall of an old abbatoir


Anonymous Artist Presented
I had a secret exhibition in June-July in the gallery Unknown Cargo in Teurastamo area, Helsinki. Unknown cargo's idea is to reveal the artist only after the exhibition in a closing party. This idea worked for me really well –I felt I had a lot less pressure while working and I felt comfortable to do plain painting show for the first time. I also completely fell in love with the gallery space (an old sauna/shower space of the abbatoir); rough brick walls, worn out paint and beautiful tiles on the floor. I could almost hear the paintings and the space discussing together!


Unknown Cargo

Of course it's a shame I couldn't really promote the exhibition anywhere, but fortunately it still managed to get some attention! Here are links to a small review and a radio interview, which was made on the day of the closing party.


Kultakuume (starting from 29:15-->)


Väririeha ("Crazy Color Happening") in Children's Culture Centre Rulla, Tampere, in June 2013


I've been working on my first big illustration job (more about that later), painting (more about that later) and started two blogs. More about the other one later, but here's the link to my TUMBLR, that I try to have as my sketch bookish. No recent updates, MORE ABOUT LATER!!


Some painting process going on


Naturally yours
I had forgotten to update some exhibition photos from last summer to ART. The artwork in Haihatus summer show was unfortunately mostly destroyed by birds and spiders during the summer. Not cool!


Constellation (2012) on porcelain plate


November, my favourite
time of the year. After gardening the whole summer (check out ART), I decided to dedicate this Fall to comic art and illustration. And what do you know, of course I started to feel like painting some as well. At the moment I'm in a state where I'm doing and doing and nothing ever seems to get me anywhere. I'll let you know when it does.


Ryytimaa in Salo Art Museum


Damn Fine Art
in Salo Art Museum! The exhibition Metsien miehet (Men of the Forest) is open until January 6th, 2013. Bold sculpture and paintings by such contemporary hotties as Jasmin Anoschkin, Paavo Halonen, Eeva-Leena Eklund, Maria Stereo, Krister Gråhn and some ITE-dudes like Viljo Luokkanen and Aune Kinnunen, whose bear made out of pine cones visits my Forest Garden. Go to Salo!

ps. A special thanks to my uncle Ilkka Louhi who gave me some material for trees. Forever grateful poor artist!


Sneak peek from Haihatus Summer Exhibition "Ei millään pahalla"


Summing up the Summer ahead
Haihatus Summer Exhibition opens for audience next Sunday the 10th of June in Joutsa, Finland. My piece of work can be seen in an old sports commentator's booth dragged in to the Haihatus yard.

Taidelaitos Haihatus (Jousitie 68-70, Joutsa) open 10th of June- 19th of August every day 11am-6pm. Tickets for adults 8€.


The wildest place for an installation, in my opinion.


Cabinet on Art
I've updated the Art Cabinet pictures to ART-section. The quality of the pictures is a disappointment to myself, but I hope You'll get the idea and add some brightness to the colours.

And if You're interested in buying the Cabinet, go to the lovely Paloni-store in Eerikinkatu 7, Helsinki.


The Cabinet's preview in Kierrätystehdas -happening in May 2012


This ABC-poster is in Finnish!


I'm a poster girl
I had the nicest illustration job for my good friend Riikka's shop RK Design. Go on and shop 'til you drop it like it's hot. The ABC posters are in three different color options.

And also a little Reminder that The Mysterious Cabinet Project is over and the piece of art itself will be introduced to the audience in Recycling Factory -event in Helsinki on May 5th to 6th. I'll be there part of the day on Saturday, come and tell me a tale!

Upcoming and ongoing
I've left the computer at home and sat tightly at the studio for a few months now. Here's some upcoming events I'll be part of.

Recycling Factory
Kierrätystehdas, Recycling Factory, will take place in Cable Factory, Helsinki, in the beginning of May 2012. I'm painting an old cabinet for the design concept store Paloni (Eerikinkatu 7, Helsinki). This cabinet can be seen for the first time in Recycling Factory. I'll be reporting the painting process in Paloni's blog couple of times during these two months.

I'm one of the artists of Haihatus summer exhibition in Joutsa. The exhibition opens on June 10th 2012 and goes on til 19th of August. I'm super excited about the space where I get to exhibit my work! Let it be a secret for a little while.

Men of the Forest
I will build a garden installation to the exhibition Metsien miehet, Men of the Forest, in the Art Museum of Salo. The show will open on 22nd of September, 2012. More info later on!


Click here to read a little article about me in Framer magazine #2, 2011


Hasardimaantiede in Kulttuurikahvila Hertta, Fall 2011


One day in Helsinki
I'll be in our capital next week, experimenting with water colors in an exhibition Akvarellitila in Galleria Tila, Kalevankatu 40. Come see me in action on Thursday the 20th of October from 12-18. You can see the list of attending artists here in Facebook.


Chandelier from the exhibition Linna-tilanne in Gallery Tilanne, Tampere, April 2011


Surprise for Tampereans!
Go check out Hasardimaantiede, this time built in Kulttuurikahvila Hertta, Näsilinnankatu 22. From today 'til 8th of October.


Someone's watching


"I've got this Linna-situation"
Dear folks, I'm having an exhibition opening Friday the 1st of April! Gallery Tilanne is quite a new place in my neighborhood here in Manse and I'm super-happy to be one of the first artists to exhibit work there.

My press release is again only in Finnish, voilà:

Valkoisen huoneen haltuunotto antaa joka kerta huimaavan vallan tunteen. Mitä tällä kertaa tekisin? Miten muokkaan tilasta omani? Saako seinät maalata? Ja patterin... Entä jos tila ei olekaan valkoinen huone, vaan paikka jossa on jo valmis tunnelma, värikkäitä kirppistuoleja ja limsakaappi? Silmänkääntötemppua odotellessa!

Paikan päällä tehtävät installaatiot ovat vasta ajatuksia päässäni, muotoa muuttavia möykkyjä ja väriläiskiä. Teen työhuoneella rakennuspalikoita maalauksista, tarroista, vanhoista lampunvarjostimista ja ajatuksista päässäni. Kaikki tuntuu ensin epämääräiseltä ja häilyvältä ja sitten jännittävältä ja hauskalta. Yksi asia on kuitenkin varma: huhtikuussa Tilanne on linnani.

Aino Louhen näyttely Tilanne-Galleriassa 1.-21.4.2011. Auki ma-la klo 10-18/ Open on mon-tue 10-18.

Itsenäisyydenkatu 23
33500 Tampere

Oh yeah and party hats on on the first of April 18--->! Cake, music and castles at the gallery.


Local Group (2011)


Local Group
Done! I made this wall painting for the Congregation of Tampere, it is in a small children's club room Kapernaum in Seurakuntien talo (Näsilinnankatu 26, Tampere). Check out more pictures in ART!

I'm also having an exhibition here in Tampere in A MONTH! So bye for now, gotta work some. Exhibition info coming here later!


Day 16 in front of the Blue Wall


Day 11 in front of the Blue Wall


Day 7 in front of the Blue Wall


Day 4 in front of the Blue Wall


Day 2 in front of the Blue Wall


Big Blue
I'm working on this mystery wall for the next month or so. I will be posting a few pictures of the process here to enlighten you visitors!

Besides that, check out my updates in ART and ILLUSTRATIONS AND COMICS! And visit Tampere-talo (Yliopistonkatu 55, Tampere) to see my painting The Most Beautiful End of the World (should I limit the use of superlatives? NO!!). It's situated on the ground floor, next to the escalator and will be there 'til the end of February 2011.


On the 5th day of Christmas...
...I made a christmas tree out of paper and blu-tack! Come and see it in Desing on Tampere's lovely Christmas Design Market in Pakkahuone, Tampere, this Sunday the 5th of December, 11am-6pm!


This tornado loves you
My exhibition in Gallery Alkovi, Helsinki, opens on the 6th of October and goes on 'til 31st of October, 2010. It's a window gallery, so you can check it out any time of the day in Helsinginkatu 19. Any questions about the space to alkovigalleria(at)gmail.com and about the show to me, aino(at)kaino-kustanne.com. Here's the press release, in Finnish only!

Aino Louhi: Hasardimaantiede
Hasardimaantiede oli lempikurssini lukiossa. Neljännen kerroksen hapettomassa luokkahuoneessa, paksujen verhojen pölyntuoksussa, uurteiseen pulpetinkanteen nojaten oli turvallista kuulla ihmistä suuremmasta tuhovoimasta. Pelko oli abstraktia ja jännittävää, kärsimykset kaukaisia ja epätodellisia.

On mahdotonta edes yrittää toistaa sitä tuhoa, mitä luonto voi saada aikaan. Siksi oma maantiedon oppituntini on leikkisä ja kaunis; purkaukset ovat onnellisia roiskeita seinillä, vuoret pieniä ja vyöryt pehmeitä. Tornado on pysähtynyt huokaisemaan vihaisella matkallaan kylästä toiseen.

Aino Louhi (s.1981) on tamperelainen kuvataiteilija, joka kävi lukionsa Torkkelinmäellä. Hän palaa tuttuihin maisemiin ja koulumuistoihin ensimmäisellä Helsingin-näyttelyllään Hasardimaantiede Galleria Alkovissa 7.-31.10.2010. Avajaiset keskiviikkona 6.10.2010 klo 16-18 Tervetuloa!  

Virtual Comic Sensation
During my vacation from updating any websites, somebody else did their job and put up a great virtual exhibition of Finnish comic artists. Visit Culture Gallery to explore comic among other arty parts of Finland.

..And a Really Nice Link!


A Spot Quickie in a Czech Train, August 2010


I'm Having a Ball!
So many things going on that it's hard to even think about updating this site.. let's try anyways! And let's use the good old en dash!

-Last month I spent two weeks in Czech Republic, taking part in an exhibition/workshop called Planting Ideas Symposium. Symposium took place in D.I.V.O. Institute, Kolín and there were artists from England, Australia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Finland.. I made two pieces that you can check out in ART.


-My paper cut -work My Melancholy Piano (originally from the book Kivakurja, 2006) can be seen in a tamperean street art project "Taidetta jakokaapeissa" in the crossing of Verkatehtaankatu and Hatanpään Valtatie. It will be there for a whole year!

-My painting No on siin jotain sateenkaari ja tulivuorii/ Some Rainbows and Volcanoes (2010) (you can see it on below) is exhibited at this very moment in Järvenpää-talo, Järvenpää, in a group show called "Meistä tuli maalareita, valokuvaajia, graafikoita..." It's an 30th anniversary show for the Järvenpää Children's Art School. My first art school! The exhibition is on 'til September 22nd, 6pm. (however, it's closed on the w/e 11th-12th, don't go then!)

-Helsinki Comics Festival is on the 10th-12th of September, and Kaino-Kustanne is gonna be there in Small Press Heaven (Luckan, Simonkatu 8) with bagful of new stuff! Kuvatus3 is still quite fresh-tasting, but we decided to put out a zine called Kadonneet helmet (freely translated "Lost jewels"). Also some tiny comics from Kaija, and cool new bags! Be there, Sat-Sun 12-18!

-My solo exhibition, and a first ever Helsinki show is on in October in Gallery Alkovi (Helsinginkatu 19). More details about that SOON!


Still untitled and in progress (2010)


Silent but moving
I thought I should make a note here -I'm still around, but concentrating on painting new, and there's not much to talk about. I will be active in the exhibition field next fall and before that me and Kaija Papu will publish new Kuvatus3 -comic and take it and all the others to the Summer exhibition of Purnu. We are also taking part of an interesting symposium abroad in the summer, exciting... More about that a bit later!


GEOMAGIKA: Valosaari/ GEOMAGIKA: The World Begins in a Dark Class Room (2009)


Updating Art and Cutting Out Space
If you live too far away from Tampere to visit just for art's sake, you can have a little quickie in my own private gallery in ART. I just put there some pics of my most recent work Valosaari, not to mention me and Kaija Papu's summer romance with knitty Pitsihilli.

At the moment I'm working on a group exhibition in Lastenkulttuurikeskus Rulla (Children's Culture Centre) here in Tampere. The theme of this show is Space and I will be cutting my universe out from sticker paper. The exhibition opens on the 8th of December 2009 and is open 'til the beginning of next year.
Sesam opening!
I've had some nerve-wrecking yet exciting weeks with preparing and building up my installation "GEOMAGIKA: Valosaari" (which I decided to translate not so literally to "The World Begins in a Dark Class Room") for The Fourth Pirkanmaa Triennial in Art Museum of Tampere. Finally my work is done and you can go and check it out! Knitting team Louhi/Papu also had time to put up a little installation in front of the Museum. Besides the Museum, Triennial is spreading around Tampere from MEDIAtunnel all the way to Pispala Contemporary Art Center.

A Sketch for GEOMAGIKA: Valosaari (The Day Begins in a Dark Class Room) (2009)


The schedule and opening hours for all the different parts of this spectacle:

Tampere Art Museum 19.9.2009- 3.1.2010
Tue-Sun 10am-6pm

Art Center Mältinranta 19.9.- 6.10. 2009
Mon-Thu 12pm-6pm, Fri-Sun 12pm-4pm

MEDIAtunnel 18.9.-15.10.2009
You can pass this tunnel ANY time of the day!

Hiekka Art Museum 19.9.-21.12.2009
Tue-Thu 3pm- 18pm, Sun 12pm-3pm

I Forgot to Recycle!
I've had so many things going on that I forgot to inform everybody about an exhibition Kierrätystä ("Recycled") in the Art Museum of Riihimäki, Finland. Kaija Papu and I recycled Woolly Panties of One-legged Queen into a light pole in Riihimäki as part of this fine show. It's on from 11th of September 'til 29th of November, 2009.


Me and Kaija Papu putting up our work Pitsihilli in the centre of Hyvinkää in June 2009. Statue Hitsaajat is made by Mauno Oittinen in 1960's. Photo by Kristiina Louhi.

Yksijalkaisen kuningattaren villahousut, 2009, Gallery Huoltamo, Photo by Kaija Papu

Sense of Reality....what’s that!?!?
Taju09 –Todellisuuden taju
is the summer show of Hyvinkää's Artist Association and Art Museum in Hyvinkää, and it’s curated by artist Teemu Mäki who was sensible enough to invite me and Kaija Papu to knit something awesome for the exhibition. We’ve had our twosome sweatshop for the past month and after square metres of hard work we’ll be ready to exhibit our piece among others, starting from 11th of June 2009 when the opening takes place in the centre of Hyvinkää. More about Taju09 and our artwork in www.todellisuudentaju.com.

Oh yeah, and a million thank’s to Nordia Produkter, HITOMI and all the people who donated a great deal of beautiful, colorful yarn for us!

Knitters United
You can read about me and Kaija Papu and our knit-o-mania in the June issue of Voima magazine. Thank’s to Jari Tamminen for the enthusiastic interview and Klaus Welp for the amazingly fun photoshoot in the sea of yarn, and ice creams, yummm..

As you can learn from Voima, I'm coming to Pax Festival in Alppipuisto, Helsinki in the end of June and gather people to work on some beautiful knit tags for the urban surroundings. If you are intrested in participating, just show up in the park in 27th-28th of June 09. However, it’d be nice to know that someone is coming, so if you’re up for it, contact me at aino(at)kaino-kustanne.com. If you have no idea how to knit, I’ll teach you, and if you still don't know how, you can always make pom poms for my installation Pom Pom Puu.

Triumph of Art
Finally I'm allowed to reveal a secret! I was invited to the 4th Triennale of Pirkanmaa, which means I’ll be exhibiting my GEOMAGIKA in Tampere Art Museum in the fall 09. Other artists in the Triennale include Kaija Papu, Sami Sänpäkkilä, Sanni Seppä, Henrietta Lehtonen, Minna Suoniemi, Kati Roover, Tomas Regan, Jan Anderzén, Antti Pussinen, Jarno Vesala, Fanni Niemi-Junkola and Krister Gråhn, just to name a few, so I know it’s gonna be one gorgeous bash of art!

and Kaija Papu were awarded by the Foundation of Environmental Art of Finland, who chose our  “Happiest Tree in the World” as Environmental Artwork of  the year 2008 together with Helen Evans’ and Heiko Hansen’s “Green Cloud”. We are very proud of this honour and thank the Foundation of Environmental Art for the nice event and kind words!

Hot town
summer in  Hyvinkää! Me and Kaija Papu were also invited to xzibit our art in  Art Museum of Hyvinkää for their summer exhibition TAJU2009. Coolio!

One-legged Queen
is showing her long-johns in Gallery Huoltamo's 3-year-anniversary exhibition MEGALOMANIA. WHOOT!!? It's me and Kaija's beautiful knit graffiti of course. Go check it out in Suvantokatu 4, Tampere. The exhibition goes on 'til 22nd of March, but maybe queen won't take her panties off so soon...


...I would like to thank
all the people who visited “Planetaario” in Studio Mältinranta, all the critique and analysis, Mältinranta staff, Kaija, Eino, and most of all, all the sweethearts who lent their planets for the exhibition. The show’s over for now, but let’s not be sad! Another one is on its way!

Warm Welcome
to my surprise exhibition opening in Artcenter Mältinranta on Fri 23rd of January, 6-8pm! The exhibition is called GEOMAGIKA: Planetaario (Planetarium) and it’s an installation of a scientist’s lab where one is sketching the Universe. The show goes on ‘til 10th of February and is open Mon-Thu 12-18 and Fri-Sun 12-16 in Kuninkaankatu 2, Tampere. Check it out laddies!
Sketching Milky Way

Forget New Year’s Resolutions
and join us on the dancefloor! Next Kaino Clubs on the 28th of January and 18th of February ’09 in Night Club Doris (Aleksanterinkatu 22, Tampere). Very special “syrup on the dancefloor”-theme in February. I promise to play some of these:

1. Camera Obscura: Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken
2. Nouvelle Vague: Making Plans for Nigel
3. Rättö ja Lehtisalo: Ihanan syyllinen pallokala

Finally my website is open!

I just found out
that I’m having an exhibition next January in Mältinranta Artcenter, Tampere, Finland. That will keep me busy for the next two months! More info when I know what I’m doing.

But before that we should all party some
So come to nightclub Doris (Aleksanterinkatu 22, Tampere) on Wednesdays 26th of Nov and 17th of Dec to see and hear mighty DJ’s Spektri-Petri (yours truly) and Risto Paristo play their favorite tunes.
I promise to play at least these songs:

1. Leonard Cohen: So long, Marianne
2. Paavoharju: Tyttö tanssii
3. Joanna Newsom: Peach Plum Pear

More info about our club from www.ravintoladoris.fi and www.kaino-kustanne.com